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The band was established in Norway, late November 2001, when guitarist Kim Stenberg invited musicians from his hometown Moss to form a band, destined to play their self-composed Prog-Rock. Almost twenty years later, the band is still alive and kicking, but now only with its founder Stenberg - still in charge. 


Discography : 

2005    Motions Of Desire                    

2007    Circus Of Life                          

2011    The Suffering Joy                   

2015    King For A Day                        

2019    Fragments of the 5th Element    


The early years was a journey into the unknown, with the band scrutinizing the complexity and variety of Prog. All curves and every bends were taken, improvising with different styles and directions. Eventually these “pioneers” found their platform, - as well as their name, when “Motions of Desire” was released in 2005. 


From first chord played, Kim’s determination was to create a special sound that in both presence and future would always be recognizable for fans and followers.  Lend your ears to all five releases and you’ll be convinced. Each album reveals a wide variety of styles, with both modern and “old-school” approaches. Each and every song can range from soft emotional parties to rough metal-riffs, but there is always this easily recognizable and unique Magic Pie style in every tone. 

There is no doubt that this band managed to develop and establish their own signature, in both sound and expression. 


Big thanks to our past members over the years:


  • Gilbert Marshall        Keyboards, lead & backing vocals

  • J.T. Johannesen         Drums & percussions

  • Eirik Hansen               Lead & backing vocals, acoustic guitar

  • Allan Olsen                 Lead & backing vocals, guitar

  • John Kamphaug         Bass



Current line-up :


  • Kim Stenberg                Guitars galore & vocals                       (Since 2001)

  • Lars Petter Holstad      Bass, moog-pedals & vocals              (Since 2003)

  • Eiríkur Hauksson          Vocals, acoustic & electric guitars     (Since 2009)

  • Erling Henanger           Keyboards virtuoso & vocals              (Since 2012)

  • Martin Utby                  Drums & vocals                                     (SInce 2020)


Official website:



“Magic Pie make all the right noises; most prominently, Genesis pastorale, Van der Graaf drama and Yes-style harmony blankets – often all in one song. The Pie’s most personally unique feature’s are Stenberg’s squalling axe filling every available crevice and Hauksson’s fixation with delivering a pitch-perfect Bowie.”

Prog Magazine

Overskrift 5
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