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Magic Pie performs progressive rock music globally on festivals, tours and individual venues. Magic Pie has released 5 albums, and #5 was released 30th August 2019.

Magic Pie  has been touring globally since 2005.

A few of the performances below:

Cruice to the Edge, USA/Mexico (2019)

2 Days + 1 Prog Festival, Italy, (2018)

Månefestivalen, Norway (2017)

Night of The Prog Festival, Germany (2016)

Summers End, Wales, Headliner (2016)

Rosfest, USA, Headliner (2016)

Slottskogen Goes Progressive, Sweden, Headliner (2015)

Sweden Progfest, Sweden, Headliner (2014)

Sweden Rock Festival, Sweden, (2013)

Rock the Boat, Color Line, Norway/Germany (2011)

Rosfest, USA, Headliner (2010)

Symforce II, Netherlands, (2008)

Sweden Rock Festival, Sweden (2007)

Rosfest, USA, (2007)

Rosfest, USA, (2006)

Motstøy, Norway (2006)

Rockefeller with SAGA, Norway (2006)

Slottskogen Goes Progressive, Sweden (2005)

Live video

Fragments front 1210x1210 90quality web.


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Fragments front 1210x1210 90quality web.