studio rich mauser themousehouse

magic pie album 5 ready for mix-master

Magic Pie studio Eirik

Magic Pie studio eirik LP Eirikur

magic pie erling henanher keyboard finis

magic pie studio eirikur vocal

20180929_152143 1

20180929_105701 1

20180929_153738 1

20180929_105714 1

20180929_150836 1

recording erling 0209-3 magic pie

recording erling 0209-4 magic pie

recording erling 0209-2 magic pie

recording erling 0209-1 magic pie

Churchorgan drawbars Magic Pie recording

Kim studio clean crunch - Magic Pie

LP recording magic pie no5 1

LP recording magic pie no5 2

LP recording magic pie no5 3

Studio drums lunchtime

Studio drum recording 4

Studio drum recording 2

Studio drum recording 3

Studio Kim guitar 12

Studio drum recording 1

Studio drums Eirikur

Studio drums LP

Studio drums JT finished

Studio drums Oyvind

Studio drums eirik and Erling

Studio drums Erling and LP

Drums packed and ready

studio kim stenberg creating process

drums new heads JT Jan T Johannessen

guitars kim stenberg studio

erling henanger keyboard 1

Album #5 was released 30th August 2019. The photos and videos are from the production process.